For additional questions, feel free to contact us at any time here. We usually answer within 24 hours.

How does payment work?

We charge an initial 50% deposit. 25% is then paid after the homepage design phase. The 25% balance is paid after the final version of the website is approved. After payment, we transfer it over to your server and ownership. Payment options include all major credit cards, check, and Paypal. We will email you online invoices.

How long does it take to build my website?

About 3-5 weeks depending on how fast you provide feedback and revisions. Websites with advanced functionality may have a longer turnaround time. Everything will be outlined and detailed in the customized proposal we send you. Simply reach out to us, give us your project details, and we’ll send one over.

What is your process?

We start off by sending you a brief design questionnaire and schedule a kick-off phone call where we develop a shared vision of the site. Once we have an idea of the requirements we create the design of the homepage within two weeks and send it over. When the homepage design is approved, we design and develop the inner pages which takes an additional two weeks. You can send us revisions on both the homepage design and the inner pages designs. We perform quality assurance and testing on all browsers and devices and after final approval we transfer the site over to your server.

What if I don’t like the first design?

We take many steps to ensure that you will like your design such as a kick off phone call where we develop a shared vision, a brief questionnaire where you can show us other websites you like and dislike and more. Regardless, you have a round of revisions for the homepage design and another round of revisions for the inner pages. These lists of revisions can be as long as you like. If the design is still not to your liking after the final revision, we can continue making revisions for our hourly rate of $95.

Do I have to pay any ongoing fees?

No, you just pay your annual web hosting fees to your hosting provider. GoDaddy for example charges only around $70 annually.

Do I have full ownership of the website when finished?

Yes, we transfer the database and all of the files to your server upon completion and transfer all website ownership to you. We set up the website for free provided your hosting is on GoDaddy. Installation on any other hosting service will be charged by the hour.

Do you provide images?

We use professional stock photography when needed. Our recommended stock photo website is Big Stock Photo. We include up to 3% of the total cost of the website in stock photos. If professional photography is required and you are in the New York area, we will give you a custom quote and provide the perfect person for the job.

Can you translate the text of the website to another language?

Yes we can translate the site to most languages. The fee is usually around $250 per language but can vary based on the amount of text.

What browsers do you support?

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and newer versions of Internet Explorer.

What content management system do you use?

We use WordPress to create most of our websites. If you are familiar with another CMS such as Squarespace we can use that instead for an added cost.

What hosting service do you recommend?

We recommend GoDaddy.com for their reasonable rates and 24/7 customer support in case of any emergencies.

What eCommerce platform do you recommend?

We recommend WooCommerce which works greatly with WordPress.

What Internet marketing services do you offer?

We offer search engine optimization, conversion rate marketing, search engine marketing, social media management, content marketing, and reputation management.

What’s the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)?

SEO focuses on increasing your website’s organic rankings in the search engine results pages. These are the results that appear in the middle of the results page when you Google something. SEM are paid advertisements that show up instantly with Google charging you per click. These ads are usually found on the very top or right side of the search engine results page.

Which services do you recommend for my business?

All of our services can benefit any kind of business but some are more effective than others depending on your business. SEO, SEM, and reputation management work great for local businesses and professionals. Social media management & content marketing work great for new brands and online services who need to increase their exposure.

Do you offer packages?

We offer our services individually or we can package multiple services together for a reduced fee.

How do I gauge my results?

We send detailed reports with our invoice every month which will show you the results of our campaigns including keyword rankings, website traffic improvements, conversions, and more. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting from your campaign.

How much does an SEO campaign cost?

An average local SEO campaign ranges between $500 – $1,500 depending on your marketing budget. For larger scale businesses with more competition, the price can be higher. The higher your SEO budget, the more keywords we work on, the larger the area we target, and the more traffic your website will receive.

How long until I see results?

You can expect to see some of the keywords on the first page of Google as well as an increase to your website’s traffic within 2-3 months. However this is entirely on a case by case basis and varies depending on the industry, level of competition, current Internet presence, and the age and type of website you have.

What methods do you use?

Website optimization, Google+ optimization, high quality backlinks, content creation, guest blog posts, press releases, article submissions, local directory profile creation and correction and some safe methods we don’t disclose for competitive reasons.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link found on a separate website which directs users to your website. This is one of the main factors that Google uses to determine your website’s ranking.

How do I know what keywords to use?

We do extensive keyword research using the Google Keyword Planner which shows us how many average times per month certain keywords are searched in your area and shows the level of competition for each keyword.

Is this safe for my website?

All of our practices are white-hat and comply with Google’s policies. Your site will not be in any risk as a result from our work.

How much does a search engine marketing campaign cost?

Unlike other Internet marketing services, this cost is entirely up to you. The higher the monthly budget, the more clicks to the website you receive. We take a 15%-25% fee of your budget depending on the budget amount.

How does my monthly budget get spent?

Every time someone clicks on your ad, money is paid to Google or Bing. The CPC (cost-per-click) is determined via Google’s automatic bidding system between you and your competitors. The higher the competition for a specific keyword, the higher the cost-per-click. You can set a specific maximum budget per click.

Can I change my budget over time?

Yes you can increase or decrease the budget over time based on your results.

How do you determine the keywords to target?

We do extensive keyword research to find keywords with an optimal amount of monthly searches while also a low level of competition. This will give you a maximum number of clicks to your website for the money you are spending.

How can I see the results?

We will send you a monthly report which shows you all of the relevant information such as the cost-per-click for each keyword, the amount of times each keyword was clicked, the user behavior on your website, and the number of conversions resulting from the campaign.

How do online reviews affect my business?

Over half of consumers check for online reviews before choosing to do business with you. If you don’t have good online reviews or any reviews in general, many of them will not have the confidence to call you or conduct business with you in any way.

How do you generate more reviews?

We implement a system in which we design and send you cards to hand out to your customers which directs them to a page on your website we create. This page will ask them to leave their review on your business’s Yelp or Google+ page. We can also work with an email list you may have or begin collecting.

What happens if you encounter a negative review?

We inform you immediately so you can contact that customer to try and work something out. We also use search engine optimization to try and boost websites with positive reviews ahead of the negative review in Google’s search results.

Do I need to create a Yelp or Google+ page?

If you don’t currently have these profiles created, we will create them and fill them out for you included in the price you are paying.

How does content marketing work?

We create and publish blog posts & articles on your website with the goal of increasing website traffic and improving your website’s conversion rate.

How can content marketing affect my business?

Adding informative blog posts and articles on your website develops you as an expert in your field. It builds credibility among your customers and helps them trust your expertise. It also increases your website traffic from people searching long-tail keywords which is a very powerful form of search engine optimization.

How often do you post content?

Different packages determine the frequency in which content gets published. Basic packages include 1-2 new blog posts per week.

What type of content do you post?

We create high quality content relevant to your business in the form of engaging, informative, and entertaining blog posts and articles.

Do I have any involvement in the content that you post?

You can give us feedback and recommendations on changes for future posts or ask us to write about a certain subject. You can also optionally edit and approve the posts before we publish them to your website.

How long is an average blog post?

Usually around 500-750 words on average.

How do I sign up?

Let us know your interested on our contact form, found by clicking here.  We will contact you with more information for getting involved.

How do I advertise your services?

Word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing. When you sign up for our program, we will mail you a stack of brochures which explain our Internet marketing services. You can hand them out to people you know who are business owners or work for a business. We can also coach you on some cold canvassing methods which involve email promotion as well as social media advertising.

How is payment handled?

You will be able to log into our platform which shows you all of the clients who signed up under your referral, and exactly how much money you are owed each month. We will pay you on the 1st of every month.

What if a client I referred cancels?

We will pay you for the month that they cancelled. We have some clients who have been with us for years and very few cancel after a few months.

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