Icons Online Reviews

Out With the Bad

  •  Negative Review Monitoring – We will inform you about any negative mention of your business and take the appropriate actions.
  •  Website Incorporation – We will showcase all of your positive reviews on your website for everyone to see.
Icons Reputation Management

In With the Good

  • Review Posting – We will post positive reviews you receive to review websites such as City Search, Merchant Circle, Super Pages, and more.
  • New Review Generation – Hand out cards to customers which will direct them to a page on your site to leave their review.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is a service which monitors your business’s online reviews and generates new positive reviews from your customers for all to see.

How do online reviews affect my business?

Over half of consumers check for online reviews before choosing to do business with you. If you don’t have good online reviews or any reviews in general, many of them will not move forward with you.

How do you generate more reviews?

We implement a system in which we design and send you cards to hand out to your customers which directs them to a page on your website we create. This page will ask them to leave their review on your business’s Yelp or Google+ page.

Do you post any of the reviews yourself?

We have a system which allows us to post any verified reviews you’ve received to certain websites such as City Search, Merchant Circle, Super Pages, and a few more. Yelp and Google+ reviews need to be posted directly by the customers.

What happens if you encounter a negative review?

We inform you immediately so you can contact that customer to try and work something out. We also use search engine optimization to try and boost positive reviews ahead of the negative review in Google’s search results.

Do I need to create a Yelp or Google+ page?

If you don’t currently have these profiles created, we will create them and fill them out for you.

Do I have to sign a contract? How does payment work? Can I cancel at any time?

No you don’t have to sign any contracts. The payments are once per month. You can cancel at any time.

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