The website design trends have greatly changed a lot in the recent years and they still continue to evolve, bringing in the latest designs and layouts, from the simple minimalist designs to the most elaborate ones. If you check out the websites of some of the best companies in New York, you will notice that these websites have integrated modern website design ideas.

The modern website design New York often features a responsive web design, which is a technique used for building websites that will make the website compatible with all devices, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. If you are trying to build a website and you want to infuse a modern feel to it, then here is your guide.

Make It Big

Designers of modern website design New York have said that making it big should be the most important principle to adhere to when designing a website with a modern theme. Gone are the days where the homepage of a website seems to be filled with so many small texts. Modern designed web pages will often consist only of just a few words, yet it has a really huge size.

Aside from text, you can also feature a huge image or perhaps, a video right on the homepage and leave everything blank. As a matter of fact, some web designers have even removed the navigation and kept it hidden as a really small icon. This is to give emphasis of the huge text or image on the page.

Engaging Multimedia Experiences

Although the concept of multimedia is quite outdated, a lot of designers of modern website design New York would always emphasize the importance of creating a well engaging multimedia experiences on the website. Before, Flash is the platform that is being used for these experiments. But right now, it is the HTML element that allows web designers to create almost all kinds of visual effects and multimedia on the website.

Flat Design

In the past few years, the flat design of a website has become increasingly popular and according to modern website designers, this design is going to stay for good. The flat design is especially a great idea to integrate on smaller elements, like the icons, illustrations and website menus.

Aside from looking good, flat designs are easy to scale and is way manageable, thanks to some innovative font technology. If you want a flat design for your modern website design New York, you can make use of the, an online service that allows web designers to easily come up with their own icon fonts.

Navigation Widgets

A lot of web designers have been experimenting with the navigation widgets for so many years now. The use of navigation widgets has become increasingly popular during those ties where websites can be designed purely in Flash.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of edgier navigation widgets, thanks to the wide use of Java scripts and the constant evolution of Java. These navigation widgets are perfect for modern website design New York so you may want to consider adding this element to your website.