Longer Scrolling Page

You have probably noticed that most of the new websites these days tend to have a much longer scrolling length on their pages. This could be due to the fact that most people nowadays would use their mobile devices in browsing through web pages and as you know, it would be more convenient for mobile users to scroll through longer pages instead of shorter ones.

So if you want to be in tune with the latest trend in New York website design, then make your homepage longer. Instead of creating separate pages for the “About” section, why don’t you include this information on the homepage instead? This way, your customers will immediately know what your website is all about just by looking through the home page. This saves them a lot of time and is way more convenient especially for mobile users.

No More Header Background Image

In the past years, it is common to see large header background images on various websites and usually, the images come with text right on the top. These images are usually the first things that website visitors would see. But if you check out the latest trends in New York website design, you will see that this trend is on a downhill.

Simple and Less Cluttered

A lot of web designers today have realized that having a minimalist design for the website is actually much better than having fancy designs filled with so many graphics and vibrant colors. Thus, if you want to revamp the overall look of your website and be on point on the latest New York website design trends, it is best to remove all those non essential elements on your site.

Begin by removing the large background image on the homepage of your site. Remember that the homepage is the first thing that your customers will see the moment they visit your site so give your customers an impression that your website is definitely worth checking out.

High Quality Custom Photography

A lot of websites today are still making use of stock imagery. However, if you want to keep up with the latest trends in New York website design, then forget about stock images. Instead, come up with professional and high quality custom photographs that are unique and match the purpose of your website.

Using custom photography also gives a great impression to your customers, making your website to appear even more credible and professional. It also gives a more personable effect and web users will certainly appreciate the effort you put through to come up with such photographs.

Hopefully, this will give you an idea on what would be the latest trends in web design nowadays. If you want to be updated with the latest trend in New York website design, call a professional web designer in New York now.