Tools to Use for Quick Website Design

Maintaining an online presence is absolutely important for any kind of business, regardless of the size. Hiring a professional web designer is a great idea, but for those who do not have the means to spend for a good designer, there are certain tools that can help you to design your own website quickly and easily. Refer below for some of the best tools that you can use for a quick website design.

Digital Business Cards

Aside from providing you with a mobile app to exchange information similar to a business card, Cardcloud also helps to turn your public card information into a URL, allowing you to easily share it online. The page is designed in a way that it looks like a business card but with a simple background where viewers can simply click on the icons of any of the social networking sites that you have integrated to your website. There are also companies that make use of the “connect with me” button in sending their card. The best thing about this tool for quick website design is that it is very easy to use. Indeed, Cardcloud is the quickest way to make your presence heard in the World Wide Web. All it requires is to fill out some contact fields and you immediately have your own website.


Also known as your own personal website and contact hub, the DooID tool offers free and paid plans in making your information to be available online. The free version of course, is limited, with only a few themes and options. For the paid version, it only costs $36 for a whole year of subscription. When using this quick website design tool, all you will do is to fill out some information. Indeed, it is very quick, and the great thing about it is that you will be able to choose which details you want to be made available for the public. Furthermore, the tool will ask you to create a guest password which you can share to other people that you want to be able to have access to the website. is another tool that allows for fast and easy setup of a website online, making your customers to be aware of your presence in the World Wide Web. It may not have all the services that you need to be able to set up a professional website, but it comes with so many features, enough to make people be aware of your presence online.

The design of the website is minimal, having one huge image on the background and a few texts on the page. But you will have up to 17 stock images to choose from and you also have an option to upload your own image. Above all, the page will display a button where visitors can click in order to send you an email. Thus, if you want a quick website design tool that will allow your customers to be able to easily contact you, the is a good idea. It is easy, fast and pretty!

The works in the same way as other social linking tools, but is way better. It basically pulls in all of your assorted information. For instance, if one of the visitors of your site will click on the Twitter icon, the person will not be taken to Twitter, but what it will do is that it will display all of your tweets on the right side panel. Therefore, all of those who visit your page in will be able to read more about you without them having to leave your site. Just like with the other tools for quick website design, is also available for free and you have an option to upgrade to the paid account in the future.