CoffeeCup HTML Editor

The CoffeeCup HTML editor is actually part of a software suite which provides an all inclusive solution for superior web creation. The program was developed by a company called the CoffeeCup Inc and it provides several handy tools for web designers to use in designing a website. There are two versions available for CoffeeCup, one is the free version and another is the full version that could cost $69. A professional web design Brooklyn NY company will of course, go for the full version that comes with the most advanced features in web designing.

PageBreeze HTML Editor

The PageBreeze HTML Editor is among the most popular software for beginners in web designing. The software provides a lot of excellent tools to build professional looking web pages. It is also available in free version, but professional web designers would opt for the pro version which is fully licensed for ecommerce use.

The free version is mainly designed for personal use. The only reason why some of the professional web design Brooklyn NY specialists will not choose this software is because it is not compatible with Mac, since it is only designed for the Windows Operating System. This software will also require an Internet Explorer browser with a version that is 7.0 and higher.


Almost all professional web designers are familiar with Dreamweaver. This software was first developed by Macromedia but it was later on acquired by Adobe. Dreamweaver is absolutely one of the best software to use when it comes to web designing, both for beginners and professional web designers. The user interface is user friendly while the software interactive is easy enough for beginners to learn.

The great thing about this software is that it is well compatible with Windows and Mac. However, this software could cost a lot because aside from buying the software which is for $19.99, you have to pay for annual fees. But investing on this software is definitely worth it.

WebEasy Professional

The WebEasy Professional is also popular among professional web design Brooklyn NY companies. It is also ideal for beginners since the interface is very user friendly. In fact, most of the reviews written about this software have praised it for its ease of use. The software is Windows based and works well with Windows XP and could cost $49.95.

Web designing is definitely a daunting task, regardless of the type of software that you will use. If you need a professional looking website for your business, the best option is to hire a professional web design Brooklyn NY company.