The Best Inspiration for Web Design for Startups of Mobile Apps

Are you tired of working for someone else? Then, why don’t you create your own startup company? Basically, a startup company is an organization that has been set up to search for a scalable business model. Usually, these organizations are looking for partners and investors in order to get their ideas kicking off the ground and the World Wide Web has turned out to be a the best place to search for these kinds of business ventures and usually most of these are mobile apps.

These days, you will find a lot of startups out there. Others are successfully heading into the right direction while some of them end up a failure. If you are trying to build your own startup company in the form of a mobile app, the website is the first thing that you need to think about. To help you with the web design for startups, take inspiration from these mobile app startup companies who have great design and excellent layout on their website.

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is a startup company that has been established in 2012 and the app helps businesses to come up with the highest yielding landing pages, including promotions, marketing campaigns, calls to action, personalized per user in real time, and many more. The company basically empowers marketers to quickly make data driven decisions and easily customize their Content Management System or CMS. For this web design for startups project, the company adapted the minimal and simple approach to web designing. It features quirky origami animals which are used to represent freedom.


LaMetric is a first ever highly customizable ticker which displays what is happening in your life as well as your business. The app is well capable of tracking the current weather and warnings, as well as the subject and the time of your upcoming meetings, including headers and the amount of new emails. The website design of LaMetric is flat and stylish and makes use of a full width image that features white headline texts, while the rest of the webpage, when you scroll down, is being presented in a similar fashion.


eRated is another successful startup company. It is basically a credit scoring solution ideal for P2P transactions that tackles a large and fragmented market having an estimated 100 million sellers across the 1,000 market places all over the world. The website of eRated is a great inspiration if you are looking for web design for startups. They made use of a full screen image, which is kind of unique.

If you check out their homepage, they featured a mobile device that seems like it has the wrong size in hand, while the flower that is on the background is out of perspective with the hands as well, yet, the flower certainly has given the image a certain unique charm. If you want a unique design for the website of your startup company, then you should take inspiration from eRated.


Another startup company, the Avuba, is a mobile banking app that makes it easier and faster for web users to carry out their banking transactions, such as paying bills, transferring money and many more. It also comes with a tracker that will help you in keeping track of how much you are spending your money. This mobile app is still on the beta stage, yet their website design is definitely something that you should check out. For this web design for startups project, the company made use of the green and white color combination. It has clean and simple design which gives users an impression that indeed, the app is so easy to use.