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  • Blog Management – We will create & maintain a blog on your website with new content posted every week.
  • Article Submissions – Quality SEO articles submitted to all of the top article repository websites.
  • Graphics & Media – Blog posts & articles will contain graphics and paid stock photography.
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  • Social Sharing – We will include social sharing buttons on all of our posts to increase exposure.
  • Commenting System – Users will be able to engage and comment on the content they have read.
  • Keyword Optimization – Our blog posts will help your site rank for relevant keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does content marketing work?

We create and publish blog posts & articles on your website with the goal of increasing website traffic and improving your website’s conversion rate.

How can content marketing affect my business?

Adding informative blog posts and articles on your website develops you as an expert in your field. It builds credibility among your customers and helps them trust your expertise. It also increases your website traffic from people searching long-tail keywords which is a very powerful form of search engine optimization.

How often do you post content?

Different packages determine the frequency in which content gets published. Basic packages include 1-2 new blog posts per week.

What type of content do you post?

We create high quality content relevant to your business in the form of engaging, informative, and entertaining blog posts and articles.

Do I have any involvement in the content that you post?

You can give us feedback and recommendations on changes for future posts or ask us to write about a certain subject. You can also optionally edit and approve the posts before we publish them to your website.

How long is an average blog post?

Usually around 500-750 words on average.

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