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Do I need a modern website for my business?

Your website is one of the biggest driver in your sales. Potential customers have many options on the Internet and need some convincing. Our websites will build your credibility, increase their trust, and make them confident to contact you. This can all be shown with a modern website design with the right elements.

Side note: If your site is currently not responsive you are losing at least 40% of potential customers who can’t view your site well on phones and tablets.


Why should I hire a web design expert instead of using a self site builder?

You can absolutely build the site yourself and save money initially. But unless you know what you’re doing, you will lose out on potential new money in the long run. The reasons are simple:

  • Just throwing together information about your business is not effective. We understand exactly HOW to build your website for the purpose of making the visitor take action and become a customer.
  • There are TWO separate learning curves if you want to build the website yourself, and both take up a lot of time and cause a lot of frustration.
  • Many will see right away that you used a self site builder instead of having your site professionally built which will create a bad first impression on people.
  • Your online Google presence will not be as good and you will lose out on random website visitors.
  • You are limited in what you can do using a self site builder whereas a custom website lets you do anything!

What do your past customers think of you?

Our reviews below are all directly from Yelp or Google. You’ll see we have a perfect rating and we do whatever we can to make our clients happy. We can provide references if you want to speak to any of our clients.



  • We contacted several web design companies in the New York area for a quote on a complete redesign of our plumbing website. Not only was this company the first to respond, but they gave us the best quote out of anyone. Turn around time was quick (as per their name), communication was excellent, and quality was outstanding.

     Eric Z.
    Eric Z.
  • From start to finish My Quick Startup was a dream to work with! Fast results, reasonable prices and great customer service! We have noticed more clicks, more calls and overall better results after using their services. A big thank you to the team over at My Quick Startup, espically Daniel And Chris!

    James M.
    James M. Northeastern Exterminators
  • I explained everything that I was looking for in a website and the next few days he started. Danny kept in touch with me the entire time throughout the process, asking questions etc, making sure I was happy with what he was creating for me. I now have a better looking, more manageable website that looks amazing.

    Michelle L.
    Michelle L. Completely Clean NY
  • They were so flexible and easy to work with. They completely executed my companies vision for our new site, and understood our completely un-technical explanations of what we wanted it to do.

    James Clark
    James Clark iNsYnc Photography
  • These guys are great, you are certainly lucky to find them specially in a big industry such as websites developers and marketing companies with all scammers out there. Micheal and his team is always easy to communicate with, professional and patient. He helped us creating a nice website for our new limo company. Definitely will use Micheal for our internet marketing plans. He is very reasonable, honest and pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

     M A.
    M A.
  • These guys are great! Don't try to be cheap with web design. I thought that way when I first needed a website for my business. I looked online and wound up hiring a web designer from another country. Nearly a month in I was so frustrated and the website was a disaster. I decided to regroup and hire a company from my old area in Brooklyn. Danny and Mike were professional and talented and really turned a terrible experience into a positive one. I highly recommend them for your next project!

    Erin M.
    Erin M.
  • I needed a simple, clean, aesthetic website design to impress my clients for my resume writing and interview coaching business. I was referred to My Quick Startup by one of my past customers and gave them the opportunity to design and develop the website. I wanted the web design finished as soon as possible and they delivered. I wanted some advanced programming on my website and they delivered. I wanted an eye-catching logo and they delivered. I wanted an e-commerce store with simple user interactivity, the usage of sales, coupons, reports, and package deals and they delivered.

    John G.
    John G.

Why choose you over other companies?

  • We have only positive online reviews on sites like Yelp and Google without a single complaint anywhere.
  • Your site will be built with your sales in mind. Your site will not just have a nice design, it will include all of the sections and elements that will increase the chances of your site visitors taking action and contacting you.
  • We offer fair prices and quick turnaround time. We are interested in building long term relationships with each client where both parties benefit greatly.
  • You’ll receive a clear and concise proposal which outlines and simplifies everything involved and included in the website. Our highly refined process makes the whole experience as easy as possible for you.
  • Many other web design companies will try to handcuff your website after they deliver. That is they keep possession of the website they build and charge you for access. We transfer the site entirely into your possession and you have full ownership.
  • Live in the tri-state area? We’ll come to you for a meeting. We can get to know each other and talk about the project. Our schedule is flexible.

How much does a new website cost?

It depends on the scale of the website including the number of pages and functionality needed. We will work with you on whatever budget you have and adjust our proposal accordingly particularly the number of revisions. Depending on the size of the project, we usually take a 50% deposit up front and then two payments of 25% after certain milestones in the process.

How long will it take to build my website

If you get back to us within 2-3 days after we send you initial drafts, the entire process can be complete in only a few weeks.

  • Daniel Ali
    Daniel Ali Vice President
  • Michael Soldano
    Michael Soldano President

Are you guys a real company based in the USA?

Yes. Here are pictures of us. We grew up and currently live in Brooklyn, NY and we’re based out of Bay Ridge. We can come to your office and meet you if you’d like or we’re happy to talk to you on the phone. Our schedule is very flexible. Business Information

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