Why You Should Hire A Custom Brooklyn Web Design Company Instead of Using A Self Site Builder

You can absolutely build the site yourself and save money initially. But unless you know what you’re doing, you will lose out on potential new money in the long run. The reasons are simple why you should hire a Brooklyn Web Design company.

  • We have 15+ years of experience knowing exactly HOW to build your website for the purpose of making the visitor take action such as calling you, filling out a contact form, or buying one of your products. This is a skill cultivated from years of web design & Internet marketing including watching thousands of recordings of people navigating websites, and involves knowledge of over 100 factors that need to synchronize together in order to turn a website visitor into a customer. Using a web design company who knows what they are doing is an INVESTMENT that will pay off right away.
  • There are TWO separate learning curves if you want to build the website yourself, and both take up a lot of time. The first involves learning how to use the self-site builder which can be a frustrating and drawn out process. After that, even if you know how to work the editor, there’s still a learning curve to make the site look good. This is the hardest part and can take an extremely long time if you don’t have an eye for design and the ability to create and utilize content such as images and pictures. Hiring a Brooklyn Web Design company simplifies everythin
    brooklyn web design companyg for you as they know the work that needs to be done.
  • Many will see right away that you used a self site builder instead of having your site professionally built. The watermark or backlink is usually somewhere on the website. It creates a bad first impression on people who could potentially be your customers because it shows a lack of quality or care (and frankly a level of cheapness) in your own business which they might assume will reflect on your products or services.
  • Your online Google presence will not be as good. A professionally designed WordPress website with a lot of well organized content will make your website found by more people online than a self site builder.
  • You are limited in what you can do using a self site builder whereas a custom built website lets you do anything. Want to hook up an instant chat box that let’s customers talk to you right away and forward the chat to your cell phone? Most self site builders don’t allow that. Want to hook up Mouseflow to see recordings of people on your website in order to improve your conversion rate? Self site builders don’t allow that either. The possibilities with a custom built website are endless.

When building a new website, you should consider all of the pros and cons. But ultimately, letting a professional Brooklyn web design company handle this for you will save you time, money, and help your business grow.


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