Why Investing in SEO is a Good Strategy During COVID

All online business owners know that SEO is one of the foundational tools for driving traffic, increasing engagements, and converting views into sales. However, like all other aspects of life, the Covid health crisis has changed the landscape of e-commerce. 

Increased Online Engagement

It’s a bit of a no-brainer that internet usage has spiked in the U.S. since the beginning of the pandemic. People are home more, have less to do, and are engaging with online content more than ever. This could mean that your business is now competing in marketplace with completely different parameters than ever before.

For example, if a Brooklyn business has lost much of their brick-and-mortar sales, they may now be relying on web sales more than they ever did pre-Covid. Businesses that find themselves in a situation like this will want to ensure that they incorporate some excellent Brooklyn web design that is backed up by Brooklyn SEO to try to make sure that former in-store customers can find their online presence easily, rather than finding a competitor. 

Looking Ahead with Brooklyn SEO

The fact that Covid has resulted in potentially lasting shifts in the direction of online commerce means that your business should be investing in the future as it currently exists, rather than the view of the future that we had before the pandemic. Search engine optimization is a long-term investment and it takes some time for your business to see the effects.

As your company crafts SEO and grows a collection of quality backlinks, search engines will gradually come to trust your business’s website, and traffic will follow. In order for local businesses to retain and grow their local customer base, they will want to incorporate Brooklyn SEO, along with SEO that highlights the particulars of what your company offers and how you’re currently operating. This will help to make it clear to customers that you’re as available as ever, even during Covid. 

Growing and sustaining a loyal local customer base also will be key for the post-Covid future, when businesses are able to start integrating in-person customers back into their physical spaces. 

Customers Want to Buy Locally

The unprecedented difficulty for local (and especially small) businesses during the pandemic has been widely publicized, meaning that lots of potential customers are aware of this issue and care about it. Conscientious consumers are actively looking for opportunities to support their local economies by procuring products and services through local businesses. Building your SEO with a web designer in Brooklyn can help inform these local customers about the availability and superiority of your local business over the competition. 

Additionally, these conscientious consumers are more likely to think through why they’re doing business with a particular company and are therefore more likely to be converted into long-term loyal customers for your business, whether online or in-person. Now is the time to focus on crafting SEO that can sustain and grow your business both during and after the Covid-defined economy. 

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