The Importance of Creating a Great “About Us” Page

The “About Us” page of any online business’s website is absolutely vital to introducing potential customers to the most important elements of what you have to offer. This section of your website should provide a short and sweet introduction to the story of your business, as well as clearly provide information regarding the products and services that you provide. Let’s look at a few of the functions of any really great “About Us” page and why hiring a web designer in Brooklyn is a great place to start.

Tell Your Story

One function of truly great “About Us” pages is that they tell the story of a business. Did you build the business from nothing out of an apartment in Brooklyn? Include that fact. Was this business something you always dreamed about and worked late nights to bring it to fruition? Talk about that. 

Briefly and clearly painting a picture about how your business developed and why it matters to you can help potential customers to create connections that humanize the people who actually run your business. Just because it’s business, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a personal touch. 

If you’re running an online business in Brooklyn, for example, your “About Us” page could include some regionally-focused Brooklyn web design to personalize and localize the brand of your business. A web designer in Brooklyn would want to make the company’s local roots apparent.

web design new yorkDiscuss Your Values

Any fully successful introduction to an online business will clearly state the company’s values. What real-world human desire or need is your company meeting? Does your Brooklyn company value its ties to the local community? 

If that’s the case, you might incorporate some Brooklyn SEO into the language of the page in order to show your potential customers that who you are and what you value flows naturally from your location and investment in the community. 

Inform Customers

Introducing your business on an “About Us” page isn’t only about telling a story or articulating values, it’s also about displaying the specifics of what you have to offer. For any online business, a great introduction should forego any broad or vague claims. Instead, be very clear, concise, and specific about what you can provide and why it’s valuable.

Customers don’t respond to only flowery language with no substance behind it. What exactly does your business offer? Why should the customer trust your business to provide what they need? Offering a small number of specific examples of what you offer and why it matters is key.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

If it’s appropriate, given your business model, your “About Us” page should give potential customers a look at the behind-the-scenes operation of your business. Customers know they’re not the experts in what you do (that’s why they’re viewing your site!), but they do want to feel like they can see what you’re up to and how you go about getting the results or products they need. 

A great “About Us” page will paint a picture of the company’s story, describe the values that drive the people behind the company, clearly display the products and/or services that are being provided, and give potential customers a small peek behind the curtain. These are some of the reasons that a great “About Us” page is such an important feature of any business’s website.

For a web designer in Brooklyn that can craft a truly fantastic “About Us” page, contact My Quick Startup today online or call (914) 200-4533.

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