5 Best Practices for Learnability in Web Design

If you want your website to be engaging, and you want new visitors to come back, you need to factor learnability into your site’s page design. To do so we ecourage you using the best Web Designer in Brooklyn.

Learnability is a measure of the ease with which users can navigate your website and accomplish tasks. We’ve all been to a maze-like site that was so disorganized and inconsistent that it had us pulling our hair out. Sites like that have poor learnability, and probably very little traffic.

Here are 5 ways for you to ensure the learnability of your website.

Stick to the Standard

There are plenty of great web design concepts out there that can show you exactly what learnability is all about. Many of these concepts have become industry standards that users have become familiar with. Stick to these and you won’t wind up confusing visitors and turning them away from your site.

For example, the X to close out a window is always in the top right corner. Don’t make it an O and put it in the bottom left.

Be Consistent 

Make your website easier to understand by applying a uniform design.

If you’ve ever used the various programs in the Adobe suite, you’ll find that, once you’ve got the hang of navigating one, it’s far easier to understand the others. The same goes for Microsoft Office or anything Google has created. In spite of any differences each individual tool or program may have, there are consistent elements that can make them familiar even when you’ve never used that particular one before.

Practicing consistency with your website can have the same effect on users. Once they have the hang of your basic design, they’ll never have to learn how to use it again. If you’re in New York and you’re having trouble developing a consistent design for your site, it may be helpful to contact a web designer in Brooklyn.

Use Feedback

Feedback is the little reactions your website has to user interaction. For example, text growing larger or becoming underlined when you scroll over it to let you know it’s a clickable link.

If your site has no feedback at all, it’s not communicating with the user and the user will wind up confused. Imagine clicking on a hyperlink and there’s no animation, no wait cursor, and the link’s color doesn’t change. You’d probably think it wasn’t a link at all. This is bound to hurt your website’s learnability.

Consult a Professional Web Designer in Brooklyn

If all else fails, you can always reach out to a professional Web Designer in Brooklyn. The many elements of learnability can be overwhelming to someone who isn’t experienced in web design. Going through a professional doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, and it can take the burden of creating a learnable website out of your hands.

My Quick Startup offers the best in Brooklyn Web Design and Brooklyn SEO. We’re based in Bay Ridge and offer in-person meetings to all New York customers.

For simple, affordable, learnable web design in Brooklyn, contact us online or call (914) 200-4533.

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