How to Avoid the Most Common Landing Page Design Mistakes for Brooklyn-based Businesses

Landing pages are one of the most important parts of how potential customers think of your online business and something that any Brooklyn web designer should understand. The landing pages for an online business serve as customer facing tools that highlight the appeal and usefulness of that business to the customer base. In this case, the customer base is likely to be people from or doing business in Brooklyn. 

A successful landing page helps to ensure that website visitors turn into loyal customers. But successful landing pages are difficult to create and there are many common mistakes that businesses tend to make. Let’s take a look at how to avoid a few of the most common landing page design mistakes, with an eye toward Brooklyn-based businesses.

new york web designSpecialize the Pages with Brooklyn Web Design

The first common landing page design mistake is creating a landing page that tries to appeal too broadly. While it might seem intuitive to attempt to please all of the people all of the time, having multiple landing pages that are more specialized to particular groups of potential clients is often a more successful strategy. Customers want to see a business that appeals to them, not a business that necessarily appeals to everyone.

In order to avoid this potential pitfall, a business should consider creating multiple landing pages based on varying factors, such as customer profiles, sales aims, and conversion goals. A web designer in Brooklyn can look for innovative ways to incorporate the product or service with a local emphasis to ensure that the audience of a particular landing page is suitably focused. This can include regionally focused Brooklyn SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure that your local customer base finds your page ahead of the competition.

Focused Design and Copy

Another mistake that many businesses make with regard to their landing pages is including superfluous text or images. Photographs and copy that reinforce and authentically portray the value of your business are powerful tools, but pictures and words that don’t serve the sales goals of your landing page are simply distractions that can ultimately hurt the chances of converting website visits into sales and engagement. 

This is true for Brooklyn-based companies, as well. If you’re running a business that’s using web design in Brooklyn, it’s a smart move to highlight your company’s local flair, but this should support and never conflict with the goal of highlighting the products and services that you offer.

Conversion Rate Optimization

One final common landing page design mistake, is having too many barriers to conversion (that is, getting the engagement or sales that you’re after). Successfully designed landing pages are those that seamlessly convert clicks into sales or engagement.

Landing pages that put too much of a burden on potential customers can scare those potential sales away. Does a customer have to click through several pages just to find your products or contact information? That’s no good. Are your conversion tools difficult to find because of obscure web design? That’s a problem.

Some effective ways to avoid this type of mistake are to ensure that your conversion tools (forms, links, etc.) are obvious and inviting for every potential customer. This increases the chance of optimizing your conversion rate. There are also various form optimization tools that can be useful for inviting user engagement and acquiring analytics, including multi-step forms and optimized templates.

A landing page is one of the most effective tools that any Brooklyn web designer business has at its disposal to increase conversion and drive business. Avoiding these common missteps can ensure that your website is optimized to effectively work for you.

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