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You have just requested your free website design consultation. Thank you! This is the first step to reaching your business goals using the Internet.

The next step is you will be contacted by either Mike or Danny – the business owners for a brief discussion either through email or a phone call if you provided your number. We’ll usually contact you the same day if you requested the consultation before 6 PM.

We will just get to know you a little – ask your name, what you do for work, and if you have a current website we’ll ask you for the link so we can check it out. We’ll also ask you your goal which is usually just to get more customers – but sometimes client’s goals are more complex than that. For example you may want to target a certain audience or push a certain service. This is all good info to know for when we make our website consultation.

This will be in the form of a 3-5 minute video where one of us will audit and critique your current website and explain how it can be improved. If you don’t currently have a website then the video will talk about a strategy on what kind of site you should make as well as looking over possible designs. There is no charge or catch to receiving this free video – we’ll just hope you see the value in our expertise and consider having us build or redesign your new website in the near future. After we send you the video, we’ll give you some time to absorb everything and then we’ll follow up asking if you want to set up a call to discuss a new website. If you are not interested – no harm no foul.

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