How does your process work?

Before we begin the design we take steps to develop a shared vision in order to provide you with the exact kind of website you are looking for. We do this by setting up a kick-off phone call with you where we can discuss what you are looking for. We also send over a brief questionnaire where you can show us any websites you like, dislike, competitor’s sites to check out, color scheme, purpose of the website, and more.

We then start off with the most important page on your website – the homepage and deliver that concept to you within two weeks. You can either approve or give us revisions. We then move on to the rest of the pages of the site and finish & deliver those within the next two weeks. Once again you can either approve or give us revisions. We split it up this way because the inner pages usually follow the same design found on the homepage – so doing every single page in 3-4 weeks and showing you only to find out it’s not to your liking isn’t very efficient.

Once the final design is approved we perform quality assurance on the site. We test it out on all devices & browsers. We improve the site speed & performance. We send the final invoice and then transfer it over to your server and possession. If you have hosting with GoDaddy we do this last part for free.

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