How to Send Feedback and Revisions to Your Brooklyn Web Design Company

How to Send Revisions to Your Brooklyn Web Design Company

The more clear, concise, and organized you are with sending us revisions, the better and quicker job we can do for you. After looking at versions of the website, take your time and organize all of your thoughts. Please present revisions in a numbered list explaining things as best as you can. If certain parts are tough to explain, request a phone call through email. We can set up a screen sharing session or you can send us screenshots. Our goal is to make sure your Brooklyn web design project comes out exactly as you envisioned.

Please either organize the list in one single email. The revisions can be in the email itself or in an attached Microsoft Word or Excel document. Please do not send revisions in separate emails or in text messages. Also please do not send any content through email. We will set up a Google Drive folder and send you the link at the start of the project where you can upload all of your content. More info on this below.

Examples of Web Design Company Revisions

  • Re-arrangement of already existing elements or sections on the page.
  • Adding or replacing content that wasn’t readily available when we began the web design Brooklyn.
  • Editing media in terms of resizing, reshaping, or adding simple hover or animation effects included. Graphic design on images is not a revision.
  • Color & color scheme changes & font changes including font family & size.

Not Considered Website Revisions (Billed As Maintenance)

  • Additional pages or sections that were not discussed or included in this proposal.
  • Any advanced functionality that is not in the scope of a WordPress website design.
  • Any additional stock photography that needs to be purchased.
  • Any additional writing that was not provided.
  • A request to completely revamp the design of the website. After the collaborative Research & Strategy phase, this should never be the case – especially if we look at sample websites together and create a shared vision of what the website should look like. This is also why we separate the homepage website design and development and show you before we work on the rest of the web pages.
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