SEO Mistakes that Google Hates

Google is the most popular search engine. People swear by the information that it displays and act on it with the trust that the content there is authentic. Moreover, Google itself has various parameters on the basis of which they judge websites and web pages. Over the years it has become very particular about the websites they display as results to uphold the quality of content for surfers and viewers. Hence, it is important for all web designers such as Brooklyn web design companies and others, to design their sites keeping these factors in mind because a high ranking on Google can be profitable for them, while inability to abide by the guidelines set by it, especially for SEO, may get the site blacklisted.

Following are some common SEO mistakes that are unacceptable to Google:

  • Buying links – Many SEO firms promise first page ranking and a series of links at low costs. These links are most often of sites that are spammed, social networking accounts or disreputable. It puts down the reputation of the website. Although people may claim that these links help to generate traffic, it eventually turns out to be harmful. They give companies that deal with web design in Brooklyn and other places an assurance that they will not be found because of the ‘link pyramid’ or ‘link wheel; they create by directing the links to an intermediary page. However, Google keeps updating its process of filtration that is able to identify such spams. Thus people should invest in facilities of reputable firms like website design companies to avoid such experiences.
  • Joining wrong link directories – Initially, link directories were an essential part of campaigns to launch a new website. After the submission of the blog to industry specific link directories the search ranking would increase considerably. However, Google follows a system of ‘neighborhood’, i.e; if a website has links to reputable sites it is part of a good neighborhood, while links to junky sites make the site part of a bad neighborhood. Therefore, Brooklyn web development companies as well as other such firms must ensure that they are not in the company of such junk sites as they may be penalized for having associations with them, even though their content may be legitimate.
  • Article Marketing – It was common for people to use the same article and make small variations in many different ways to structure content that was saying the same thing in many different ways. This content was then used to create links to a single article and increase the traffic for it. However, over the years Google has been successful in evolving and it is now capable of spotting such activities. It thinks of these as spam and a way of article marketing by trying to bluff the search engine. People should hire an internet marketing company and other such firms to avail of legitimate services.

The above mentioned factors and a few others should be kept in mind to avoid problems. Brooklyn SEO Company and other such firms must ensure that they do not do anything to ruin their reputation among popular search engines.

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