5 Design Elements of Modern Brooklyn Web Design

5 Design Elements of Modern Brooklyn Web Design

With each new year comes new web design trends, elements, and features. Some of these elements are functional, while others are decorational, and with so many elements to choose from, it can be tempting to include all of them in your site. However, this isn’t the best idea. Too many modern elements can create clutter. Instead, stick to one or two.

To help you decide which elements you want to use, here are a few modern elements that many Brooklyn web design companies use that can spruce up your site, as well.

Bold typography and unique font faces.

Most modern companies have a go-to font that they use for their products and/or website. In the olden days, there were only only a few to choose from. In recent years, however, font faces have exploded onto the design scene, giving companies more choice when it comes to expressing themselves through their typography.

In general, the best colors for any kind of font is grey and black, as both colors are easy to see and since they’re neutral, they work well with most of the other colors that may be found on your site.

Background videos.

Background videos are videos that play as soon as a web page is accessed. The benefit of background videos is that they are a good way to share important information about your business or website without using a ton of space for text boxes and large chunks of text.

Videos, in addition to being more interesting than chunks of words, are processed faster by the brain, and when a video plays automatically, viewers are compelled to watch at least a few seconds of it. These few seconds can mean the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity.

Responsive design.

Nearly 60% of website visiting is done using a mobile device, meaning that it’s essential to have a  website that can be accessed by a variety of mobile devices. This access should be unrestricted and all parts of the site should be optimized for smaller screens.  When working with a website design New York company, they will most likely spend some time focussing on this very important element.

Ghost buttons.

If you haven’t heard this term, that’s ok- you’ve more than likely seen it. Ghost buttons are clickable buttons that come in white or have a see-through background. They function the same way as regular buttons do and are purely used for aesthetic purposes, as they don’t have any extra features.

You have to be careful when using ghost buttons, as depending on the color of the image behind the buttons, your ghost button may virtually disappear, which isn’t what you want.

Call to actions.

Every web page was a purpose. Usually, the purpose of the page is to encourage viewers to take action, whether that be signing up, making a purchase, or donating. Call to actions are a functional aspect of modern web design. They help users decide on taking action through the use of catchy slogans and engaging questions.

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