Is WordPress Better Than SquareSpace?

Is WordPress Better Than SquareSpace?

SquareSpace is defined as being a “software as a service” (SaaS), meaning that users pay a fee to use it. WordPress can be used as an SaaS or as a self hosted software, meaning that what you do within the software is free and that you don’t have to pay a fee. So 

Both are incredibly popular among website design New York companies and companies around the globe. But which is better? Here’s a brief comparison.


When it comes to price, SquareSpace offers four plans:

  • Personal: $16/month
  • Business: $26/month
  • Commerce Basic: $30/month
  • Commerce Advanced: $46/month

Any of these plans work out to a cheaper cost when you pay for them annually instead of monthly. The cheaper plans are more restrictive, and as price goes up, so does the amount of creative freedom that is granted.

WordPress itself, on the other hand, is free but users who use the software still have to pay for various other things surrounding the hosting of their site. Using WordPress, users have to pay for hosting, themes (if you choose a premium theme), tool for ecommerce, plugins, and possibly a developer, all of which can add up.

Hiring a Brooklyn Web Design company usually has its benefits, in that they have the skills to work with WordPress even if you do not.

Ease of use.

Both SquareSpace and WordPress are relatively easy to manage. SquareSpace uses a drag and drop interface system and a style editor that makes changing font, backgrounds, and page colors easy.

WordPress works in a similar fashion, but can be a bit more difficult to set up initially. The main difference between the two is how the on-page editing process works. SquareSpace allows you to click on what you want to change, hit a few buttons, and see an automatic preview of your changes.

WordPress requires you to go in through the back, make your changes, and then hit the preview button before you can see your changes.  If you’re unhappy with them, you’ll have to go back in and manually make the changes, repeating the process until you’re happy with the final preview.


SquareSpace, including tons of useful features, lacks in flexibility when compared to WordPress. WordPress allows you to create your site anyway you want and includes an extensive number of external customization plugins that can be used, as well.

WordPress plugins can be installed and used within a few simple clicks, whereas the plugins available for SquareSpace aren’t quite as simple to use. Using SquareSpace, you can still hire a professional developer to help you customize your site, but he or she may still run into problems with flexibility, as SquareSpace has a number of automatic constraints that limit what even the best developer can do.

In conclusion:

  • SquareSpace offers a better value when all of the features and functionalities are considered
  • SquareSpace is easier to edit
  • WordPress kicks SquareSpace’s butt when it comes to flexibility

Is SquareSpace better? It’s truly a matter of personal opinion. Although the sites work differently, they can both achieve stellar results and create complex, professional websites. Many Brooklyn web design companies utilize both platforms, as each one has benefits and drawbacks.

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