Why Brooklyn Web Designers Use WordPress

Should I Build My Website on WordPress?

Today, more than 74 million websites use WordPress. WordPress has quickly become the favorite platform for many small business owners, with the site hosting nearly 26% of all websites found online. But what makes WordPress so popular? Why should you use it over HTML? And why is WordPress the most trusted hosting site among Brooklyn web design companies?

Here are a few good reasons that your website should be built using WordPress.

It’s free.

That’s right, folks- WordPress is completely free to use. You can design and host your website on the platform for nothing, and then, when the site begins to pick up traffic, it’s still free. The site doesn’t charge you when your website attracts a certain amount of traffic as many other hosting sites do. There are no surprise fees, catches, or financial inconveniences.

It’s SEO friendly.

Browsers like Google and Bing tend to rank WordPress built websites higher than those built using standard HTML. This is most likely because WordPress uses a CMS framework that allows the search engine spiders to do their work.

It’s customizable.

WordPress is flexible and highly customizable. Thanks to its wide selection of themes, when using WordPress you can customize your site to fit you liking. You can also further improve the look of your custom site by extending certain features, or invest in a premium theme.

It offers tons of support.  

With WordPress being so popular, there are hundreds of sources of support for it online. If you have a problem, a quick Google search will bring up pages of search results that are filled with helpful answers and personal experiences from other WordPress users. Its also important to note that nearly all Brooklyn Web Design companies work on WordPress sites, making it that much easier to find a developer to assist you with your site. 

It integrates social media.

WordPress’s easy to use design allows your site’s visitors to comment on your posts and blog updates using their social media accounts. This can be done with the click of a button and no hassle, increasing the chances that visitors will engage with your content.

You can schedule posts.

WordPress offers a unique feature that allows you to schedule posts for later publication. You can set posts to publish within a few hours, days, or an entire week using this feature. This become incredibly beneficial for if you go on vacation or step away from your website.

No need to know HTML.

When you make the decision to use WordPress, you’re choosing to never have to manually code a website in HTML again. This is great for those who struggle with HTML language and coding, or for those who have busy schedules and can’t afford to take the time to go over a complex HTML layout.

As you can see, WordPress has a plethora of benefits. It can save you time, money, and allow you to manage your blog/content posting schedule with ease. With any luck, you’ve been convinced to switch to WordPress or start your next website with this handy, user-friendly platform as many Web Design New York companies have.


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