The 5 Main Selling Points You Need To Show On Your Website

The 5 Main Selling Points You Need To Show On Your Website

If you have a great business and high-quality products but aren’t seeing the sales figures that you’d expect, you might have a problem with your website. Don’t worry, My Quick Startup is a Brooklyn Web Design company that can help.

Improving your website does not need to be as complicated as it seems. If you are starting a new website then these are important factors you should keep in mind right from the  start. There are a number of selling points that all successful websites have and we will discuss them in detail below.

Before and After Photos or Portfolio

To truly sell potential clients on your service, they should be able to see before and after photos or a portfolio of your work. Portfolios effectively showcase what you and your team can do. A well constructed portfolio can sway someone who, until seeing your work, wasn’t sold on hiring you.  Before and after photos should showcase different situations and projects that you have taken on. For example, if you run a home cleaning service, you’ll want to include photos of various homes of different shapes, sizes, and cleanliness levels that have been cleaned to spotless perfection.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

One of the first things potential clients and customers look for are positive reviews. However, in today’s day and age, it’s less likely that happy customers will leave a review, whereas unhappy customers are more than willing to offer their opinion. This is what makes a review section so critical to your site. A website with a host of positive reviews is tied to a company that has gone above and beyond for its customers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to clients after the business transaction has been completed. If they were happy with the service or product you offered, ask them to leave a good review and thank them for their business and time.

About Us Section

A website that has a good “about us” or “about me” section will get more leads than one without one. An about me page with photos of yourself if you work alone, or your team if you work for a company on a larger scale, will help potential customers to feel connected with you. This connection is important because if the customer can put  name to your face and feel as if they know something about you, they’re more likely to trust you with whatever it is they need. Be sure to write a paragraph about yourself, as well. Talk about your education, hobbies, and where you live- and be sure to write authentically! If you like to make people laugh, consider inserting a bit of good natured humor. If you’re a witty person, don’t be afraid to let that side show (just be careful not to overdo it). It’s a good idea to have an about me section for all of the major members of your team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If there are certain questions that you find customers asking on a regular basis, consider compiling them onto a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or section.  A FAQ page will provide customers with a convenient way to have their questions answered immediately and lessen the amount of repetitive emails and phone calls that you receive, leaving your phone lines open for other important calls. If a customer can find their question on your site without having to reach out to you, they’re more likely to feel confident in your experience. Not only is having a FAQ section efficient, but it also gives off the impression that your company is well organized and receptive to the needs of its customers. For example, if you a Brooklyn Web Design company, you may want to answer some questions about the web design process, how long it takes, and pricing per project.

Special Offers / Coupons.

Offering first time customers a special offer or coupon code will make them want to take advantage of a good deal and try your services.  Discount codes and coupons that are as small as 10% off the first purchase, or $5 off their next purchase, are perfect for those looking to save a few dollars. Coupon codes and special offers show your customers that you care and appreciate them, as you’re essentially rewarding them for their business. Special offers are also a great way to generate repeat customers because they will want to check in with your website to see what other deals you are offering.  Everyone loves a discount on a product they need.

These selling points are just some of the valuable tips you can expect when dealing with an experienced and professional Brooklyn web design company. If you are interested in learning more, please be sure to contact our team to brainstorm new methods and strategies to improve your website’s success.

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