Google Tools That Are Important For SEO

Whether you are a marketer or content creator you already have a brief idea about the love-hate relationship of Google with the marketing industry. Personal feelings aside, there are plenty of tools from Google that are similar to the Holy Grail of SEO. Efficient use of the following tools assists an organization in enforcing their online presence. It also accelerates digital marketing efforts and top of mind attention from their clients. Instead of trying to fix things yourself, it is recommended to consult a well-known Brooklyn internet marketing company to leverage from the available tools.

Google Search Console

It was previously called Webmaster Tools and is similar to that of giving a website or a blog a regular online service. Content creators mainly use it to keep everything running smoothly and to identify issues quickly by keeping tabs on whether your site is subject to penalties or not. All of these services will be available to the user free of cost.

Google Analytics

Keeping track of the keyword data is tedious work, to say the least. If one takes the help of Google Analytics, the battle is half won. It is one of the most sought-after SEO tools that presents a lot of advantages to the user in terms of PPC campaigns and more. Google Analytics assists users to analyze user experience and overall traffic in their content. Google Analytics is essential for any SEO company or marketing head to stay ahead of their game as well as their competitors. It would be an exaggeration of the fact that Google Analytics is an unchallenged entity. The tool is facing fierce competition these days from similar alternatives like WebTrends, Omniture, etc.

Google AdWords and Keyword Planner

Although the tool has undergone some saddening changes in its overall outlook and operational abilities, Google Adwords and Keyword Planner are still considered to be in the lead. It is still one of the principal sources of analyzing keyword volume and related research, crucial to making one’s content SEO optimized. At first glance, the search results for content related keywords might appear useless, but if used correctly it can work wonders. Contextual keyword integration and research is the best way one can increase traffic to their website and rank among the leaders.

Google Trends

A great tool mostly used for comparing traffic using different demographic data such as geographic, historic and similar data. It is a great tool that allows users to create content as per the topic that is selling hot at a particular point in time. Using technical terms and vocabulary for creating lucrative content is the key to the getting ahead of your competitors. Google Trends allows its users to do just that and the best part, all of its services are for free.

Google Consumer Surveys

One of the stepping stones for any organization, big or small is to understand what exactly their audience/client base needs. Since it works excellent in the offline world, it also found its way into the world of internet as a means to make content that serves the needs of the clients. Conducting surveys is a time to consume and financially burdening feat that most companies dread. Google’s Consumer Surveys, on the other hand, is an entirely free and easy to use tool meant for measuring the satisfaction levels for the site among its visitors. The tool is used for gathering much-needed information on the perception of the content by the incoming traffic. Its benefits become visible when you are testing out a new content idea or a newly added feature in your website.

Choosing the services from an experienced Brooklyn SEO company can help in taking care of these requirements. It is recommended to check reviews and testimonials before finalizing the services of any company.

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