Importance Of Responsive Web Design To Rank Your Website

RWD or Responsive Web Design is a technique that allows a website to change and adapt with changing screens. A website that has been designed perfectly allows the site to adapt in real-time and render the content of the website in an easily navigable and readable form. A page that is neither adaptive nor responsive will always negatively affect the SEO efforts of a Brooklyn website design or anyone looking for a way to increase traffic to their site.

Importance of Responsive Web Design To Rank Your Website

When observed, there are several factors at play at the back-end that contributes towards making a particular site rank in Google Analytics. But when it comes to including SEO into the mix, RWD plays a vital role. The following sections will further clarify the discussion in general:

SEO Made Easy

When taking a look at it from an economic point of view, RWD is a valuable asset in your arsenal when you play the game of SEO. A Responsive Website Design is made up of unified code that enables a website to have two consecutive versions, running simultaneously: desktop and mobile. To put things into perspective, Googlebot and other search bots prefer websites and online content that follow a specific hierarchy with intelligent yet straightforward design elements. These are the typical traits for a meticulously designed website compatible across multiple platforms.

Easy Rankings Amidst Competition

A Responsive Web Design relies heavily on a standalone URL (Universal Resource Locator) and a set of codes meant for personal computers, Personal Digital Assistants, and laptops as well as other mobile devices like smartphones. An optimized web design means that a particular website will have better chances in terms of ranking and browsing.

One should always implement tried and tested SEO strategies in their content and official sites alongside mobile device optimized content to increase a fall in ranking. This can be ensured with the services of a reputed web design Brooklyn Company.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Responsive Web Design architecture is one of the significant factors that affect overall search engine optimization efforts by bots and search crawlers. Another factor that Google Analytics takes into account is the overall performance of a website across all mobile devices. SEO currently is all about the user experience for the content/site, and a seamless user experience ultimately dictates the success rate for the same. The technical term for a design that ensures the optimum user experience is termed as UX or User Experience Design.

It is also the contributing factor that dictates whether a site or content is mobile device friendly or not. As per surveys conducted by Google on sample groups, it is found that more than sixty percent of mobile users will choose a competitor if  your official site is non-responsive.

Search engines go high and wide to improve their Search Engine Results Page (or SERP). A well planned and laid out website by a popular Brooklyn web development agency makes it easy for a search bot to include relevant sections from your content in its keyword database. These “sections” or keywords are all that matters for anyone to have better chances of their content being the global limelight.

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