6 Must Have Features for Website Design

Included in Our Brooklyn Web Design Services

1) Professional Design

The two Brooklyn Web Design experts you are working with have a combined experience of 15 years. We’ve built countless websites for all different kinds of businesses. We know what an impressive design looks like. We know how to impress your audience and convert them into paying customers. Even so, you get rounds of revisions after seeing our design just in case.

2) WordPress Integration

We will build the website using WordPress – the most popular website builder / content management system used today and still growing. The amount of support & plugins available for additional functionality is unparalleled by anything else. The user interface is straightforward and easy. You won’t have to rely on a web guy for simple website changes. Just log in and make them yourself without needing any advanced computer or website knowledge. As an added bonus, search engines like Google love WordPress websites so you get an automatic boost in the rankings.

3) Responsive Code

About 50% of your website traffic will come from people on their phones & tablets. And right now over 50% of websites are currently not built for this. You will not lose half your audience like these other sites. Your website will show up seamlessly on every major mobile & tablet device people use.

4) Professional Stock Photography

You have the option to have us use up to 3% of your total payment for professional stock photography images. We use bigstockphoto.com which has a very wide selection.

5) Traffic Reporting

We will set up Google Analytics on your website before deployment. You can log into the website at any time to view all kinds of reports about your traffic. These include the number of visitors by day/week/month, how they found your website, how long they stayed, which pages they frequented, the general location of the visitor, and more. Using this info, you can make continuous improvements to your website’s conversion rate over time.

6) Social Media Integration

We will include all links to your social media accounts in the form of buttons that are easily seen on every page either in your website’s header, footer, or stuck to the right or left side as they scroll down the page (sticky icons).

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